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Being born and raised in Gary, IN, I picked up my musical tastes from my family consisting of rap, R&B, jazz, and blues but then I took interest in what is commonly referred to as old school house music. I studied and learned the basic techniques of mixing by listening to the Hot Mix 5 on WBMX in Chicago, IL. The Hot Mix 5 consisted of Kenny "Jammin'" Jason, Ralphi "The Razz" Rosario, Scott "Smokin'" Sills, Farley "Funkin'" Keith (BKA Farley "Jackmaster Funk"), and Mickey "Mixin'" Oliver. My favorite was Ralphie Rosario because of his smooth transitions between songs and the choice of music he would mix. I started mixing at the age of 13. I have used turntables since I first started mixing but have also been using MixMeister since 2001 and Serato DJ since 2016. I don't consider myself a DJ... but a methodical mixologist.