Art Rooney began his Djing career in the mid 80's, playing at some of the local nightclubs on the Jersey shore area of New Jersey. After winning a DJ Spin-off contest at Hollywood Nightclub he began to work in all of the major clubs in the Seaside Heights area (made famous by MTV in the mid nineties with the MTV summer beach house, and now Jersey Shore).......... continue here

Born right here in IL, C Spence has been at it for over 8 years with no signs of stopping.  Its clear from events ,promotions, and venues that he puts on a show you simply don't want to miss. He's played all over the US including: Miami, Detroit, Nashville, Indianapolis, and of course Chicago with many more to come. Some of the venues he's played at are not only historical and iconic, but simply legendary including: Evilolive, The Whiskey Disco, Red Bar, Grandbar, Medusas, and many more. Not to mention having played at the Elgin event Nightmare on Chicago St., ........ continue here

A DJ a few words, he lets his mixes speak for him.  Practicing his trade for over 20 years he gravitates towards Trap, Dubstep, Hard Style, Hard House, Grime.  ~  We are all Digital Children ~

DJ Atlas (aka Brendan O’Malley) is a DJ based out of Chicago IL, associated with Howard Productions LLC. He has been DJing since January of 2000 and has played at various clubs thorough out the Chicago land area such as Cherry Red, Chromium, Shark City, and The Annex. He is currently a resident DJ for Howard Productions and for The Annex.  He plays various genres of music with a focus on EDM and Tech House. He has a club sound that can fit almost any occasion. ​

I started DJing almost 10 years ago now doing parties for friends. From there I moved on to spinning in bars and clubs in the burbs such as Shark City, Tilted Kilt and JL's Pizza and Sports Bar to Spinning internationally in Clubs in Ibiza such as Bar Amsterdam and Kanya Bar & Restaurant.  I produce my own remixes and I remix on the fly of top 40 songs.  I spin on controllers and CDJ's w/o any problems transitioning back and forth....  continue here

One of Southern California's premier club DJs, DJ NEKO built his rock-solid house rep spinning, scratching and spontaneously remixing credible electro dance music into incredible energy-jammed sets that club and party goers find impossible not to get out of their seats and dance to!.......... continue here

RC started DJing back in 1994 . RC introduction to the rave scene (1996 ) followed, with fellow fans as his escorts. 1996 RC discovered the teen dance club scene at Zero Gravity IL. There he watched and learned from other DJs .  After graduating from high school , RC attended the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, on the recommendation of Brian Middleton from B96 (Radio Station), and interned at Pride Communications in Joliet 100.7 The Bus. He now holds a degree in broadcasting in Radio and TV.......... continue here

A product of Chicago’s late 80’s and early 90’s House Music scene, Jesse continues to spread his sound at the local and national levels.  In the early 2000’s, Jesse jumped into music production and since then has been releasing a steady stream of original and remix work.  Jesse is all about keeping the local scene alive.  He teaches young kids DJ and production skills in his spare time.  He aspires to share his sound globally with those who really savor the raw organic sounds of The Underground. 

~~~“Don’t chase fame and fortune, stay true to your roots”

The year was 1984, Found a Reel to Reel at a garage sale and started recording mixes off of WBMX and WGCI . Then making remixes by splicing and giving to all the neighborhood kids .  Soon picked up Technic 1200’s and it blew up from there, Fast forward to 2006 and Pioneer CDJ 2000’s setting the standard . And I’m still in there Jugglin the Beats !  From Chicago, my home town, to the Clubs in South Beach Miami !   ….......  continue here

For Mike Barnes the music always comes first. The American born hit producer and DJ has found the way over the years to evolve electronic dance music. Simply listen to his work to hear him continue to push the musical envelope.

Eric “Workin” Wilson, is based out of the Chicago IL.  He has been DJing since the early 80’s and a resident DJ of Strictly Dance Radio since the beginning, back in August 2009.  He and fellow DJ, DJ Jeanette co-hosted a weekly show that aired live on BlogTalk Radio every Thursday from 8-11pm. These shows started off as a place to play and air what they wanted, but also allowed them interview fellow DJ’s  such as Kenny “Jammin” Jason – from the Hot Mix 5. ......  continue here

With a passion for life, especially music, DJ Lexxus doesn't do anything half way. Whether at a school dance, a private party or one of the many charity events he plays for, he brings everything he has.  Making sure that kids to golden agers are on their feet and having a good time, he brings the beat and a multitude of light effects to make sure every experience is a memorable one.......  continue here

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